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Emmanuel Barillot

Director of the U900 Institut Curie/INSERM/Ecole de Mines ParisTech

Data integration, Systems Biology of Cancer, Dynamics of networks

Permanent staff

Jonathan Bac

Geometry of single cell data point clouds

PhD Student

Jonas Béal

PhD project on cancer modelling and biostatistics

Mathematical modelling of cancer and survival analysis

PhD student

Laurence Calzone

PRECISE, COLOSYS, AlgoReCell, M5 projects

Mathematical modeling of cell signalling in cancer

Permanent staff

Maria Kondratova

ACSN and COMET projects

Biological pathway construction, systems oncoimmunology


Mihaly Koltai

COLOSYS project

Mathematical modeling of colon cancer progression, resistance and combination therapies


Inna Kuperstein

ACSN project coordinator

Formalizing and using biological networks for cancer research

Permanent staff

Om Kulkarni

iPC project

Methods for single cell data analysis


Jane Merlevede

iPC project

Multi-omics data integration


Vincent Noel

AlgoReCell, Precise projects

Developing computational methods for modeling biological networks


Christine Lonjou

Pathway-based GWAS

Analysis of data from genome-wide association studies

Permanent staff

Cristobal Monraz

ACSN project

Technology of biological knowledge formalization

CDD Engineer

Marianyela Petrizzelli

iPC project

Network-based data analysis in cancer

Post-doctoral researcher

Nicolas Sompairac

Cancer immunooncology

Integrative analysis of tumor microenvironment

PhD student

Andrei Zinovyev

Scientific coordinator of Computational Systems Biology of Cancer group

Systems Biology of Cancer, Complexity and Model reduction, Data dimension reduction

Permanent staff

Co-supervised PhD doctorants: